Introduction: What’s this blog all about?

disney pic copy

Growing up, this image (or the more retro, plain old blue design from the 80’s and 90’s) meant that the next one to two hours would be full of entertainment and even a little magic.  Like millions of other kids, I was a big fan of the Disney classics growing up.  I even aspired to become a Disney animator and, eventually, the president and CEO of Disney when I grew up.  That didn’t pan out quite as planned, but my love for the animated films has not diminished over the years.

This brings me to the point of writing this blog.  I recently realized that with the release of “Wreck-it Ralph” late last year, Disney has now completed 52 animated films in its numbered canon.  As a side note for those who may be unfamiliar with the numbering, only Disney’s major animated projects ended up in their “Animated Classics” numbering.  This means that there will be no crummy DVD-only sequels on the list.  It also means no Pixar movies as they were not technically Disney’s doing, and no Mary Poppins and other similar films. But back to the story.

After the realization of 52 films, I remembered that there are 52 weeks in a year.  I have always wanted to be a little creative and try my hand at a blog, and with this numeric commonality, coupled with me needing a good excuse to watch the movies again, a unique opportunity presented itself in my mind.  I could watch one movie a week and then write something about my experience, along with any other facts or stories I wish to include.

So, because a few weeks later I still think it is a fun idea, I am creating this blog.  I hope that whoever takes the time to read it may find it interesting and enjoyable. I’m sure I will enjoy creating it!


6 thoughts on “Introduction: What’s this blog all about?

  1. Kevin Hisel says:

    John, can you help me understand this Disney list thing? Disney only has 52 official Disney movies? Poppycock! (Use of word is just for fun, I believe you – even if I don’t understand.)

    • John says:

      Kevin, the 52 refers to what Disney calls their “feature-length animated films” and were released in theaters. These pictures were their major releases and got the greatest resources. Of course, the Walt Disney Company has had it hand in countless movies, but there are indeed only 52 of these films which am referring to. Think of Snow White, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Aladdin, to name a few.

      And great use of the word “Poppycock!”

      • Kevin Hisel says:

        Okay! Well that is a neat bit of information. I learn something new every day. I look forward to reading your viewing journey!

        You know, this could turn into a good excuse for a weekly date night. The plot thickens!

  2. Rachel says:

    This is going to be awesome! I’m looking forward to reading your posts. There are so many Disney movies I want to buy on DVD before it’s too late.

  3. Rick says:

    Hi! We just completed a ten episode podcast run where we just covered all 52 movies from Feature Animation! Please check out our show Rediscovering the Magic. We are about to start a run on the films that combine live action and animation. We will be making mention of your wonderful blog on a weekly basis! Best of luck and give our podcast a listen! Thanks!

    • John says:

      Hi Rick, thanks for the information! I have heard a bit of your podcasts and I have enjoyed what I heard so far. I will be sure to check out the new ones as well. I hope your new phase goes well!

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